f you’re seeking the best washer and dryer combo that’s truly compact and even stackable but also high-end, then we invite you to consider the wonderful Bosch 800 series.

The Bosch name may not be as prevalent as Kenmore in the world of washers, but it is among the best washer and dryer brands. This particular series was also the best stackable washer and dryer we tested. In terms of consumer reviews, the pairing is also very popular among retired couples who have less space now but still want top of the line, so it slots in as the best washer and dryer for seniors too.

All of this comes at price, however. This price pairing costs more than the full-sizing pairings ranked above it, and that’s even without unboxing and hookup. Nevertheless, compactness is often about making sacrifices, but here, the engineers have worked very hard to avoid those kinds of compromises.

This washer and dryer are coupled more than most in that they actually share the same 240-volt plug. The washer is a front-loader that offers 2.2 cubic feet of space and can complete a load in just 15 minutes thanks to SpeedPerfect technology. The matching dryer offers 4 cubic feet of space, and both units measure 23.5 by 25 by 33.25 inches, which is marvel considering performance and build quality.

The Bosch WAT28402UC and WTG86402UC pairing also includes the WTZ20410 stacking kit. This has an integrated pull-out tray in order to facilitate the one-up configuration. All in all, like Bosch’s larger machines, these are excellent appliances, and while they may seem a bit pricey to some, if you’re choosing compactness due to size constraints, then we think the added cost is well worth it.