Our team really liked this high-efficiency front-loading pairing from Samsung!

We just couldn’t find the right place for it. It was nudged out there and over here, but we couldn’t leave it off our top 10 list entirely and so we find a spot for it right here at the end.

Like the Maytag set we reviewed earlier in the list, this set comes with a washer, a dryer and a pedestal for each. The pedestals are optional and do increase the overall height of the machines, but if you have the clearance, then they make loading, unloading and cleaning the machines so much easier.

The washer has a 4.2-cubic-feet capacity, which means that you can load almost three standard laundry baskets at a time. This is a steam washer, and unlike most, this releases steam from the bottom, which was more effective in testing and generally eliminated the need for pre-treating laundry. The machine also features sanitization cycles that eliminate most allergens and bacteria.

The WF42H5200AW washer as well as the DV42H5200EW dryer are also impressively quiet, and that’s apparently due to Samsung’s patented VRT technology. The dryer offers 7.4 cubic feet of space for loads and features 11 distinct dry cycles as well as four temperature settings. Some of the other features it boasts include steam, wrinkle prevent, moisture sensors, Smart Care and a lint filter indicator. It also has a reversible door to make usage convenient wherever you have to locate it.